The Harms of Social Media may lead to stalking

Jazalynn Gloria, writer

One of the most scariest aspects of social media is stalking. How do we stop it ? How do we control it? What can we do to fix it?


Stalkers are everywhere. It’s really important that you put all your accounts on private and never add anybody you don’t know.  


“One of my main fears on social media is somebody stalking me and finding out my location,so I found out I can set all my accounts on private and whoever I follow can see my posts and location and I feel way more safer,” said Julius Sierra, seventh grader,who is very confident with his account.


At our age, texting and calling other people you don’t know can put you in a big situation that can cause you on your family in harm.


Never text or give a stranger your location or your address.If any stranger tries to text you or call you, decline it or don’t respond and block them immediately. You should always be careful what you post.


For example, you post a picture and you say I’m home alone and who wants to come over. This is a harmful position you are putting yourself in, because if somebody has your location or knows where you live, or you text somebody you don’t know,  they can come to your house and do something they aren’t allowed to do or hurt you.  


“ I remember one time somebody told me to meet up with them and so I quickly blocked them and blocked whoever I didn’t know,”said Alexis Gutierrez, middle school.


A big problem people have now is meeting up with strangers you don’t know. That can be a really big deal;they can hurt you or do something they shouldn’t. They may meet up with strangers to make new friends or if the stranger threatens them.


“ One time my friend met up with his stranger and he almost hurt her,so that’s why it’s really important to never meet up with anybody you don’t know,’’

said Desirae Jazlyne, a middle schooler.