Young kids dive into relationships, deal with effects

Amy Vo, Writer

So many young kids in schools are dating and gets affected in very different ways. Should we stop it? Should we support it/advise it?


There is a certain time in your life where you date. This means very young kids date as well, even if they’re not ready. People have opinions that you should not date until you are in high school, and some people think it’s fine dating at any age.


“I would not advise dating at a young age because people can get involved in stuff that is inappropriate and not allowed. They can get in big trouble and even minor trouble isn’t good,”  said Shaela Shelvin, seventh grader.


Parents are a huge part of their kids dating. There are parents who would make sure that their kids are dating at the age of what they think is right, but sometimes the parents don’t even know their children are dating. Kids would get away with it just by keeping it to themselves.


“I think that parents don’t know that their kids are dating because most kids aren’t allowed to date and they hide it from their parents. I feel like their parents will eventually find out, but at the same time I don’t know what to begin with,” said Shaela Shelvin, seventh grader.


A lot of people in the world get affected by dating at a young age. A big negative is that breaking up with your partner can transition you into depression. But it’s not all negative, there are positive things too. A positive is that you learn from your mistakes, and hopefully not do them again.


“One positive is that you don’t feel alone, you have somebody there and it helps you not feel lonely and lightens your mood. A negative is people are updating who cheats on you and then you’ll be sad. That sadness lasts for a long time,” said Shaela Shelvin.