Coming out as LGBTQ takes courage

Carys Ayala, writer

The LGBTQ community makes up of only 3.8% world. This means loads of citizens disagree with these peoples own selves. The chance of someone coming out with courage and strength and to be themselves is very low. Most people are afraid to come out because of the rejection, though certain articles, and studies show the LGBTQ community is growing.

“That number should be higher. Lots of people are not accepted because they are too afraid,” says Olivia Ayala, a student of Corbett Junior High.

At school it’s probably hard to be happy, but imagine how hard it is to come out as being in the LGBTQ community? They wouldn’t come out at school because of the bullying and hate they would get. That’s why there is such a low percentage of the world come out to be in the LGBTQ community.

At school there are tons of reasons why someone wouldn’t want to be there because of the kids that want to make fun of and hurt people who like a girl or boy.

“I dont think its easy to be at school because of bullying.” says an anonymous student at Corbett Junior High.

Being in the lgbtq community means that you could lose many things. Though potentially you could become a happier person and get someone you love in your life. Many people that are in the lgbtq community have a successful life, and become more successful and happier studies show.

The lgbtq community should not have to hide. There is a lot of pressure for being unaccepted,but there are sometimes successful relationships with people, and that can make someone happy.