Book Fair is Successful


The book fair was hosted March 7- 11. The fair, which served as a fundriaser, had a variety of books like non-fiction, romance, coming of age, thrillers, and comic books. 

“I like seeing what books students get because then I get to see what they like to read and what they are interested in,” said librarian  Mrs. Navarro. 

Some cool items that people liked to get were posters, invisible ink pens, and erasers. An estimated 400-500 students bought at least one item, whether it was a book or an eraser.

“I like that the book fair has a lot of little items that I can get for my brother and I for low prices,” said eight grader Alana Elabaroza.

The fair earned over $5000 for the purchase of additional books and equiptment for the library.