Plants And Why You Need Them

Rhianne Elosta, Gardening

Everyone loves taking care of others, maybe a relative or friend. It’s human nature to want to nourish the ones near us. It can be mentally draining to find everyone’s little niche and how we can please them. What’s something that needs only the very basics? Plants!

 Plants are all around us, we just never acknowledge them. We almost completely ignore the beauty that surrounds us because we’re so attached to our phones.

“I haven’t had plants because i never have the time for them,” says Anna Emery the eighth grader.

Most people avoid getting plants because they might not know how to care for them, of course there’s the basics of food and sunlight, but there’s a bit more to it than that. You have to know what kind of fertilizer or what amount of sunlight to give them.

“I don’t have plants because I don’t know what I need to do to keep them healthy,” says Kaleb Castillo, eighth grader.

It’s beneficial to get plants because they can actually help detox and brighten any bedroom. Not only are there plants based on whatever lighting you have, it’s so healthy to focus something not electronic.

“I do have plants because I love to just calm down and enjoy taking care of others,” said Olivia Garcia.

An example would be a simple succulent! They aren’t high maintenance and can go for weeks without water.Plants are such a good thing to invest in. Despite the misconceptions created around them. Good luck on your planting journey!