A Surprisingly Fun Family Vacation


An airbag trampoline, 2 pools, U.T.V’s, a splash pad, and so much more is what you can find at Mt. Rushmore’s K.O.A. ( Kampgrounds Of America).

When my dad, mom, 2 sisters, and I loaded into a brand new truck and airstream for a 2 day road trip to South Dakota, little did we know we would end up at the greatest campground ever.

When finding out we were going to a state where the world’s only Corn Palace was, and a store became popular for giving out water we were skeptical. Little did we know the second we got to the campground our minds were blown.

The moment me and my little sis saw a water slide, we were gone. After being reminded we were staying for a week, we still tried to do everything in 3 hours.

On the first day, my sister and I did all the water activities. The next day, my dad and I went dirt bike riding. Dirt bike riding is my favorite thing to do. So when I suited up and took off, I was immediately told to slow down by park staff. After slowing down, and not hitting anyone, I eventually got to the trails and took off.

After shredding up the trails and discovering cool jumps and berms, I finished the whole trail and found a breathtaking view of Mt. Rushmore. 

That night we went to Mt. Rushmore and saw lights on the faces and saw actors dressed up as the presidents.

After riding to the point where I knew the trail better, we decided to go horseback riding. My sister, who is a big fan of horses, loved this activity. This trip was a complete surprise. It’s the best trip I have gone on with my whole family.