My Experience Riding in a Race Car


Snow capped mountains peeking above the clouds, lush green grass, and towering trees is everything you see when flying into Denver, Colorado.

When making it into the airport and picking up our bags a man holding a sign saying “Jerry and Ryan” awaited our arrival. Considering that a very important and famous car company — Acura considered my dad to report on their newly released car, I was a little flipped out.

After this nice and funny man showed us to our brand new car, courtesy of Acura, we drove two hours to Colorado Springs.

Upon arriving, we were welcomed to a large festival called “Pike’s Peak FanFest.” The festival was to show cases all of the race cars competing to make it up to Pike’s Peak the fastest.

Test Driving an Acura has it perks. Acura Motor Sports is a huge sponsor of this race. As the person assigned to review the car, my father and I had access to the top of the mountain.

Driving a brand new sports car was not the perk. It was nice, but not as nice as seeing the incredible view from above. Ginormous, rocky mountains surrounded the glistening lakes. No words could describe the feeling. 

Oh, and there was also that small gift shop at the top. It that had the best donuts and coffee. Not to mention the cool statues and figures of Big Foot that surrounded the venue.