Is reading manga good for you?

Karli Sniff, writer

  Is reading backwards good for you? I don’t mean reading normal books, I mean manga!


   Manga is a type of japanese literature. It is a graphic novel that consists of comics. But there is one twist – you read from right to left! Manga like Fairy Tale, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, and lots more!


Alyssa said, “ I’ve read part of pokemon black and white, and manga is a neutral book for me.”


Manga can help some kids who either are bad at reading or don’t like to. Some children who have dyslexia have a harder time reading books, so manga can help.It has pictures so you can understand it more. Manga is also good for kids who don’t like reading.


“I do believe that manga is much easier to read,it shows scenery and how the characters react when they speak. And i think it helps me understand the tone of the situation better than having to guess for myself,” said Alyssa, a seventh grader.


A negative that can come out of reading manga is the fact that some adults think that kids who read manga will get confused with normal books. Adults think that if someone reads a lot of manga, they will not know how to read normal books since you read manga backwards.


“I do believe it could affect the grammar skill of the reader since the dialogue is not usually in full sentences, and normal reading books help with learning how to show instead of tell unlike manga,” said Alyssa.