Corbett Art Club

Anna Emery, writer

Art is important to our society and to ourselves. That’s why our school has Art Club, it’s essential to remember the history of famous artists and  try to mimic their style to better ourselves. Not only that, but to give ourselves a better perspective. 

Art is also a fun and creative way to express emotions. Art can be for anybody and for everybody who loves drawing, painting, and creating different art. You can join regardless if you are in art class or not. Art Club every other Tuesday from 3:40 pm to 4:30 pm in Ms. Tharp’s room.

“ I would recommend anyone who enjoys art to come check out Art Club,” says Miss.Tharp.

Member do a lot of group projects that focus on the beautification of our school. Art Club has created several murals that are displayed in various locations around the campus.

“This year we have been working on posters to display our character pillars,” Miss Tharp states.

“ I love art, because it helps me relax and calms my feelings because I am a human,” says Rhianne Elosta, a member of the Art Club.

Members of the Art Club also participate in face painting at our school fundraiser, and of course they do a variety of art projects, like clay sculptures.

“I enjoy doing the projects with my friends,” said Karissa Diaz, Art  Club member.