EDM A Different Kind Of Music

Angelique Juarez, writer

EDM is a very interesting music genre because not that many people like it therefore it’s the lease listen to type of music.

   EDM is one of the worlds most disliked type of music because most songs don’t have lyrics but there are a few songs that do have lyrics. Those are put in categories like EDM-pop,Electro swing,Baltimore club,Darkstep,and Freestyle Music to name a few.

“Out of the EDM types I know I really do prefer Electro Swing(which is the music combination of vintage or modern swing and jazz mix with EDM) like Caravan Palace,” said Nathaniel Juarez,11th Grader.

Whether you know it or not, you have probably heard an EDM song, one of the most common type of Edm is EDM-pop and electro actually, Most music artist use it in their background, for example The Chainsmokers,Calvin Harris, and the late Avicii are examples of music artists who create their own background music and sing the lyrics to their songs.

“I actually didn’t know that calvin Harris was an EDM artist, ”said a 7th grader.

But there are EDM artists who make the background music but have someone else sing the lyrics to it, like Martin Garrix,Zedd,Major Lazer ,and the commonly known Marshmello. These artists songs usually have their name and and the featured artist, mainly the person you hear singing

“One of my favorite songs is friends which is by Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie,” said an 8th grade girl.