Day in the Life of an Athlete

Janine Alapag, writer

Have you ever thought what it was like to be an athlete?


Athletes go through a lot of hardships. If they have morning practice, then they still must get through the school day and make sure they set a good example for the school and students and make sure their grades are up. If they have after school practice then they go there, which can take up to 2 hours, go home, do their homework, shower, eat, help around the house and then go to bed. They have to take time out their day to make sure they get practice in and they still have to do everything they usually do. They also have to keep a positive attitude because no one really likes an athlete with a bad attitude.


“Really depends on your mind set if you’re willing to do what it takes cause it’s always a competition,” said Colin Wall, a football player.


“I actually don’t think it’s as easy with sports, homework, and game days. Not as much time as we would like is put into school work. Trying you’re best will always help a lot,” said Angela Cerda, a volleyball player.


If you are an athlete and you don’t like doing what you do then you shouldn’t be an athlete. One big benefit of being an athlete means that you get to do what you love almost everyday. Also, you could have a good reputation too.


“Honestly just all the pride in playing and the support of people,” said, Wall on why he likes being an athlete.


Being an athlete means you have responsibilities, a lot of them. For example, they have to keep their grades up in order to play, set a good example as a student athlete, help other people, keep a positive attitude, they might have to help around the house too, make sure they take care of themselves, stay in shape, and manage their time to finish everything they need to finish.


Wall said his grades aren’t as good as they should be because he is so distracted with practice and other than school and sports you can’t really focus on anything else. He also said “the expectation goal is a million times higher. You’re expected to be better and set the example.” Angela Cerda also said there is more pressure on athletes because it means you have to make the right decisions and be the bigger person in many situations.