How a Pandemic Changed Sports

Sports is different since the pandemic. Last year, anyone could go to the games, but this year only 4 people per player can attend the game and they have to be family members. Some of the games are away games, which means that no parents can go, only the parents from the opposite team.

“My experience since the pandemic has changed, because I could enjoy and watch, but now I can’t because I’m either staying home or I have to wear a mask the whole time,” 8th grade student Marilynn Crespo said.

“It [stinks] because I want to watch our team play at different schools and not have to wear a mask, and I want to be able to sit with my friends and share food,” said Crespo. 

Since the pandemic, athletes are required to be six feet apart in the locker rooms and most of the lockers are spread apart because of the pandemic. Athletes are not allowed to take showers anymore and only 2 people are allowed in the bathrooms at once.

“In basketball, we have to wear our masks and we have to be six feet apart when we are on the bench, but we have to be separated in chairs,” 8th grade student Xariah Hughes said.

After a game people always walk by the gym and they see that the players are all six feet apart when they are on the bench. Even the team that plays next has to wait and watch the game sitting six feet apart on the bench.

Other than those particular things, a lot is still the same. Junior high sports is still fun. We have to keep remember that we are living in a pandemic and as long as we follow the health guidelines, we can continue to play sports.