Football During Pandemic


In an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, Texas UIL have put in new rules and regulations for this 2020-2021 school year. This has affected the Football season. Due to these new rules, players and spectators must wear masks during games and practice, stands have a limited capacity, and there are scheduled arrivals to avoid big groups. 

“I am in full support of any measures that we can take to help stop the spread of Covid and to keep kids safe,” said Coach Davis. 

According to www.uiltexas.orgWhere distancing is not feasible for players, other methods should be utilized to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as face coverings, implementing engineered controls such as physical barriers, or other risk mitigation efforts the school deems appropriate.”

“I hope that the UIL rules will help slow down the spread of Covid-19 because I feel like parents and students are making sacrifices to slow the spread,” Coach Davis said.

As stated in, COVID-19 Strength & Conditioning and Sport Specific Instruction, players were not given the opportunity to attend football strength and conditioning camps. These camps are where many players improve on their skills, prepare for the season and build chemistry with their teammates. Without these camps the players don’t get the opportunity to fully prepare for the season.

“I think that it is unfortunate that our kids will not have the full support of extended family and friends at their games,” said Coach Davis.

As reported by, “Schools may allow spectators to attend games within a maximum 50 percent capacity limitation, provided that appropriate spacing between spectators is maintained according to the protocol.”

This 50% capacity limitation rule has led to the rule of only four family members per player. This rule has also caused that these family members are only allowed to go to in district games.

“I do not enjoy wearing a mask, but I understand why we have to,” said football player Josiah Watkins.

According to teams and participants are required to wear face coverings as described in Executive Order GA-29. Although players do not have to wear these masks while playing, they are required to when they are on the sideline.

“I am willing to do whatever I can to make sure me and all my teammates are following the new rules due to COVID-19 and wearing our masks,” stated football player Josiah Watkins.

Any teams and organizations not following rules and regulations stated in UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines will be shut down. If a player tests positive they must self quarantine at home for two weeks while anyone that has come in contact with them without a mask must do the same.

“Since athletes do not have to wear masks during the actual game play and only on the sidelines I am not worried about them affecting the athletes performance,” said Coach Davis.

UIL guidelines state that athletes must wear masks and social distance to the best of their ability when not on the field playing. If students are unable to wear masks, they must social distance from others by a minimum of 6 feet.  

“I believe that every precaution is necessary to ensure that we continue to do our part in stopping the spread of Covid-19,” said Coach Davis.