Volleyball and football require different skills,but same drive

Zoe Dean, Writer


For some athletic students, when they play their sport does it affect their grades, or what they do in practice? Is it hard to juggle after school activities or grades while doing a sport? There are differences and similarities between athletes in different sports.


Grades are very important when it comes to sports.The volleyball girls have to keep up with their grades as well as the football players; they both have to pass to play. Coaches are also very strict when it comes to grades.


” Sports may distract you from homework or schoolwork, and it may cut in to your school time,” says Zoe Delagarza, volleyball player.


Practice is also an important part of sports.You have to practice to get better. Practice makes perfect when it comes to the football and volleyball players.Football players practice outside and are said to run a lot. Volleyball players practice inside and practice passing,setting, and hitting.


“ I love football because it is fun.I love practicing because I get to spend time with my friends and I get to meet more people,” says Lamar Bebley, football player.


The drive to improve is also called passion for the sport.The volleyball girls have won most have their games because of their drive.Football boys have also won many games, because of their drive to practice and get better.


” I spend hours working on the sport so I can get better by a landslide,” says Delagarza.