How sports can increase happiness

Isabella Bottiglieri, Writer

Coaches and teammates make each other happy but in different ways. Athletes usually do what they do for the love of the game.  Coaches need to love their job too.


Sports make people happy .Some people like sports because its a stress reliever. Some people like it to be with their team.

“I want to play as long as it’s fun for me,’’  said Emily Billings, seventh grade girl who plays soccer.



”My coach makes me happy by making me get better,” said Arianna Ramirez seventh grade girl who plays volleyball.

Coaches want to be there and support their players but also want them to get better and win.


Teams should be like family and support each other, maybe that is why being on a team is so important for some people.


Some people play because their family plays like Emily “I enjoy playing this sport because my family plays this ,sport,’’ said Emily Billings, 7th grade girl.