Pet Adoption vs. Breeding

Adopting vs.Breeding, which one is best?

Emily Billings, writer

Most people adopt animals from animal shelters than getting them from breeders. Getting an animal from the animal shelter, you’re saving its life because you don’t know what the shelters do to them.


A high school student says that people want to rescue an animal’s life.


Anyone who has gotten an animal from animal shelter knows that they have different behaviors than getting one from a breeder. The animal will probably be more scared of you and would need to warm up to you. But getting one from a breeder the animal will be happy to have a forever home.


“Adopting you can see what kind of dog it is,color, and how it acts,” Izzy Bottilergeri, seventh grader says.


Getting an animal from the animal shelter or a breeder you are still giving it a forever home to live in. A lot of breeders not all, just breed animals to make money off of them. Animal shelters care for the animals as much as they can.


“I feel like it will give an animal a chance to thrive in a loving home,”A high school student says