Medical Marijuana Helpful if used Responsibly

Ariana Cebula, Writer


Some people think marijuana is the worst thing to ever be created on earth, but  it can help for medical reasons.


As you already know there are many cons to marijuana use. Some are heart damage, appetite irregularities, paranoia, brain damage, lung problems and the obvious addiction. Just like texting or drinking, you shouldn’t smoke weed while driving.


Kimora Munoz, eighth grader, said that many people are getting addicted and hurt from drugs, weed especially.


What you may not know is there are pros to this as well. For example, you cannot overdose on weed like you can with heroin and cocaine.  Marijuana can decrease nausea, and muscle pains and also can help with anxiety or PTSD.


According to eighth grader, Paige Barrett, medical marijuana can help in so many ways.


Most of the time weed is used for medical purposes. Weed refers to treating illnesses and other possible conditions. It can help  some chronic pains (HIV/AIDS), and can help with chemotherapy. It can also help with inflammation and seizures.


Eighth grader, Paige Barrett thinks weed can be used for good if you use it the right way.