Emotions are a big part of life

Madalinh Peterson, Writer

What exactly are emotions? Our everyday lives are affected by our feelings,but they can have a much bigger impact than we think.


Emotions are always different depending on a person’s belief. Some religious people may say it’s a “feeling”, while more scientific people could say it’s from hormones sent to your brain.What are emotions to you?


Emotions are “A feeling or state of mind based on circumstances, mood, images, sounds,reactions by others that is partially innate and partially learned by experience,”  a Corbett parent replied.


Lots of people have emotions, about 1 in 100 people is a sociopath.Sociopaths are people who have no guilt, shame or sympathy towards others.This kind of person would worry more about themselves than other people.


”I believe some of them are born that way while others have had a traumatic event that triggers it.I have worked with likewise individuals,” said a children’s counselor.


Some people have trouble dealing with negative emotions,and would much rather feel nothing at all.There are multiple ways to cope with emotions, we sometimes need help from others.Taking a second to think about your problems can help you understand what’s wrong. You can vent your feelings on your hobbies,or simply punching a pillow.


”I would tell them to put things in perspective.As the saying goes,a man only complains about being on his feet all day until he sees the man with no legs. Take time to enjoy the little things. Not everything can be like a trip to Disneyland,so make smaller events like going to the grocery store and getting a treat count as much. It would really depend on the situation and what negative emotions the person was having. Depending of the severity, might recommend seeking professional counseling,” a Corbett parent said.