The Wage Gap Still Strikes Controversy

Zachary Flournoy, Writer

The wage gap is the controversy of women getting paid less than men. It did exist at some time, and may still exist today.

There is some evidence for and against the wage gap.. Work experience is also valued, as after you’ve been working for awhile, you can see possible patterns in wage, such as what on average companies pay.

“I believe that both men and women should be paid the same,” said Matthew Trevino, seventh grader

However, there is a pile of evidence against it. For instance, when those numbers were taken in, they did not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure or hours worked per week. Also, consider that JFK signed a bill into law that made it illegal for gender-based wage discrimination.

“Some men are CEOs, and some women are CEOs, and they’re usually paid the same,” remarked a local grandfather.

But from CNN Business, women are getting paid almost 30% less, despite going through the same rigorous training, according to a recent survey in which 65,000 people participated.

“For the most part, they do take into consideration experience, school quality, and other factors. However, there are a lot of people who believe men to be stronger and more intelligent,” said Tammy Richardson, professional mother.