Intermediate and middle schools should have a swim team

Alondra Moreno, Writer

Most intermediate and middle schools have plenty of sports except swimming. Why is that? Should they have swim teams?


Swimming doesn’t just help you with staying fit and strong. Swimming helps you with your mental strength because sometimes you just want to give up while swimming. Instead you keep going and go faster and never quit just like you should never quit anything. It is also helping because when you swim you have to multitask. You have to swim fast, count your laps, and have good technique.


A seventh grade swimmer said, “Swimming teaches people hard work and to never give up.”


Schools encourage kids to play in sports because it’s a good way of exercise. Some kids don’t like on land sports so swimming would be an option. Being healthy early on in life will benefit you later. When you swim you have to use all of your body and muscles. That will help you keep your body healthy,but you also have to eat healthy when you swim to stay fit.


A seventh grade boy said that he doesn’t really like to play sports but would love to try swimming.


If there was a swim team, that might take away people from wanting to play other sports, for example basketball and volleyball. Some schools would say that it’s a good thing but others will say it’s not. Some people might think that there will not be enough kids to play in the other sports.


An eighth grade swimmer said she loves to swim but also loves volleyball so it would be a hard choice between both.