Do we, or do we not get enough time in the locker rooms?

Lauren Gambrel, writer


Do the girls get enough time in the locker rooms, or do they not? Coaches say we do, the students say we don’t. Who do you agree with?

Most girls and boys would say that we don’t have enough time in the locker rooms but the coaches disagree.

In the locker rooms we usually get about five or less minutes to get changed and to class before the bell. Getting changed also includes the struggle of having to get dressed surrounded by a lot of girls and opened lockers, putting deodorant on and putting our shoes on.

A Corbett 7th grader thinks that we should get at least ten minutes to change in the locker rooms because some girls may want to shower.

A coach at Corbett thinks we should get five minutes because if we are efficient, we will have plenty of time to get dressed.

If we were to take a regular shower would it be possible to get to class on time. In order to cool off, wash off, dry off, and get dressed, it would take a little longer than 5 minutes. Most girls wouldn’t want to just rinse off, they would rather take a full shower so they don’t smell.

A coach said that we don’t need a full shower and that we just need to rinse off.

A 7th grader said that we would not have enough time and we would definitely be late to class.

We usually get the same amount of time every day after athletics/pe. On certain days, it feels like we should get more time. Like if we were outside for one day and we were inside doing something easier another day, we would want more time in the locker rooms for  the days we were outside, other than more time for the days we were inside.

A coach said that they want to spend the most amount of time they can working out or practicing.