Junior HIgh and High School Athletes Taking the Extra Step

Ollie Franco-Orozco, writer

Basketball is a very fun sport and is very competitive. Athletes from any grade level dream of playing at a D1 level or even pro. Even thinking about it can be pretty interesting.


If you were an athlete and you love a certain sport and you work for it you’re going to pursue it… right? Well wanting to play at the next level, it’s going to be difficult. Junior high and high school student athletes wanting to play D1 or even pro and hearing what people say is quite interesting.


“I plan for basketball to take me to go D1 and we’ll see from there.If I were to go and play pro and make it to the NBA I would probably hope the Los Angeles Lakers would draft me. I like Cali so yeah I would want to go and play there.”said Payton Reimer, Clemens basketball player.


Basketball isn’t something you can just get better at overnight. You have to work for a while to get better and some have played longer than others. And some athletes have a pretty diverse history.


“I’ve played for the Cowboys, The Rhythm, and currently playing for the Raiders. I started playing when I was 6. I was always better than the rest of the kids , so in 7th grade I was playing JV and Varsity basketball with my AAU team,” said Reimer.


People have different inspirations, whether they look up to a famous athlete, a book author, or even a sibling. Sometimes their inspirations help them to push forward and it’s a good thing to have for some people and it’s pretty cool to hear.


“ My favorite basketball player is Lebron James. He’s my favorite player because he does great things on and off the court, He inspires me to become a better athlete and one day be as good and famous as him,” said Jameer Dudley , eighth grade athlete.