Best places to eat in San Antonio

Lisette Arenivas, Writer

Do you love food? San Antonio is a great spot to get delicious meals from all sorts of countries.

As you know, fast food is not good for you because it can contain high fat, sodium and sugar contents. Mexican food uses a variety of spices and fresh ingredients that really make it healthier than fast food.

“It’s best to limit a fast food meal to maybe a few times a month, if possible.” said Ramie Arenivas, Corbett parent.


Although all of those are great, there is a whole other world of food. This food is Japanese food, with its structure and elegance, it has so many different types of sauces and overall healthiness. It’s a very appealing genre of food.

“The Japanese food can really show off their deep culture!” said Ramie Arenivas.


The Mexican restaurants are very festive at times. The restaurant that was mentioned was Pollos Asados Los Nortenos, it’s a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Also Chuy’s, a lot of people say that their food is super good for both of them, and even “hole in the wall” places can have good food.

“When I’m in a ‘hole in the wall place’ I can just feel the history inside it; it makes me feel nice.” said Ariana Guzman, 8th grader.


 San Antonio is a great city for you to explore the world of food, try out new places and even make your own!